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Miami, Florida 33157
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Patient Reviews For Dr. Alan Chu

A.P. 05/24/2017
Really great doctor, he took the time to explain everything and friendly staff.

R.T. 05/24/2017
Very good office.

Y.A. 05/24/2017
Very professional. No wait time. Great staff. Excellent Service. Super nice and helped me 100%. Highly Recommend.

F.B. 05/24/2017
For my first time it’s was great.

S.B. 05/24/2017
My visit was great in all aspects, in all of my care!

J.M. 05/25/2017
Doctor was very polite. Explanation was very clear. Answered question to my satisfaction.

H.B. 05/25/2017
My first visit was very good. Staff and Dr. Chu are very good.

J.S. 05/25/2017
Efficient and Friendly office.

R.B. 05/25/2017
Very helpful and professional. Highly recommended.

D.M. 05/25/2017
Love Dr. Chu, he is amazing. Very nice staff.

T.G. 06/21/2017
Excellent. Very personable.

C.S. 06/23/2017
Very good.

A.P. 06/23/2017
Very professional staff and excellent Doctor.

J.C. 06/23/2017
Very pleasant girls, polite and kind. Dr Chu was kind, informative. He makes you feel taken care of. Thank You.

J.L. 06/23/2017
My visit was great it was really fast, in and out. Dr Chu was very kind and through with his explanations.

H.A. 06/23/2017
Very professional and highly recommend the service in Dr. Chu office.

L.F. 06/23/2017
The visit was really great; Dr Chu and staff were really informative and kind